cool50 U40

  • Cooling unit for water-cooled welding torches
  • Water connections in the front, for compact machines (TKM).
  • We recommend using a cooling unit with a reinforced pump for an overall hose package length of 30 m and above, or for machines with an additional miniDrive of 20 m and above
  • Modular design, tool-free assembly
  • Excellent torch cooling and therefore cost savings on consumables thanks to the high-performance centrifugal pump
  • External coolant water filling nozzle with filling level indicator
  • Cooling capacity 1 l/min: 1000 W, max. flow rate: 5 l/min, max. output pressure: 3.5 bar, 4.0 l tank capacity
  • Dimensions LxBxH in mm, 610x300x330. Weight: 16 kg
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Mains voltage 1 x 400 V
Mains frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Kühlleistung bei 1 l/min 1 kW
Pump pressure 3.5 bar
Tank capacity 5.5 l
Protection classification IP23
Safety marking
Dimensions (L x B x H) 695 mm x 298 mm x 329 mm
27.362 Zoll x 11.732 Zoll x 12.953 Zoll
Weight 21 kg
42 lbs
Standards IEC 60974-1, -2, -10 CL.A