Drive XQ HP

  • MIG/MAG wire feeder for Titan XQ puls
  • Drive XQ with HP-XQ control
  • Portable, optional crane attachment, water-cooled, Euro torch connector
  • Suitable for 200 mm or 300 mm wire spools
  • Easy transport thanks to low weight and compact design
  • Illumination of internal spaces
  • Stable base construction (continuous cast aluminium) with sliding rails as standard
  • Transparent protective cap – welding parameters visible at all times
  • Rugged electronics in a dust-free enclosure
  • Protected arrangement of connections for intermediate hose packages and control cables
  • Non-technical personnel can change hose packages without tools
  • eFeed: Innovative 4-roll drive (4x toothed)
  • Double ball bearings per axle
  • Tool-free roll change, permanently secured roll fasteners
  • Adjustable contact pressure for each roll pair
  • Rolls colour-coded for wire diameter and material
  • Equipped with 1.0–1.2 mm UNI rolls for low to high-alloy steel
  • 4-roll drive. Equipped for 1.0 mm + 1.2 mm steel wires
  • Spool diameter up to 300 mm
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