• All contents in the EN 1090 WPQR package in paper format; includes option for download in PDF format
  • Purchase welding procedure specifications just once and use them many times!
  • Save time and money by acquiring standard welding procedure specifications qualified by the appropriate procedure tests (WPQR) directly in the EWM EN 1090 WPQR package
  • Can alternatively be used with tested and qualified ewm welding consumables
  • As part of the CE-mark qualification process, you must have your manufacturing welding technology qualified by an approved testing centre by the end of the transition period (1st July, 2014). Acquiring the EWM EN 1090 WPQR (Welding Procedure Qualification Report) package and using EWM machines covered by the EWM EN 1090 WPQR package means that you obtain the required qualification automatically.