FCW Hard 63 G 15kg/Spule 1,6mm

  • High C, Cr, Nb, B alloyed
  • Highly efficient protection against abrasive and mineral wear
  • With bonded special carbides of extreme hardness
Standards DIN EN 14700 , T Fe 15
DIN 8555 , MF10-GF-65-G
Welding positions PA / PB / PC
Polarity DC+
Wire Ø 1.6 mm
Chemical analysis
C Cr Nb
5.4% 22% 7%
Shielding gas
Packing drum Spool BS 300, 15 kg
Hardness 63 HRC
Fields of application Lignite surface mining, brick-making industry, mining, sand and gravel excavators, cement and concrete industry; suitable for screw conveyors, cement pumps, mixer blades, agitators
Processing information Not recommended for welds with more than two layers
U 20 V – 26 V