MT301CW PC2X M7 3M

  • Water-cooled MIG/MAG function torch with replaceable neck (torch neck rotatable through 360°)
  • Best ignition characteristics even with thin wires
  • Ergonomically formed grip to take the strain out of work
  • Display and setting of:
  • Welding current and wire feed speed
  • Voltage correction
  • Program and JOB selection
  • MT function torch with X technology only suitable for Titan XQ puls, EWM MULTIMATRIX or Taurus Steel welding machines
  • If the welding torch is connected to third-party machines or welding machines without MULTIMATRIX technology, welding is not possible
  • Safe and rugged; without control cable and additional connector plug
  • Recommendation:
  • For feeding steel wires, we recommend using a steel liner with a capillary tube
  • For feeding CrNi, aluminium, flux-cored and CuSi wires, we recommend a PA combined liner with a guide tube (alternatively you can use a Teflon or carbon Teflon liner)
  • Equipment as supplied (steel wire 1.2 mm):
  • Gas nozzle Ø 13 mm; 66 mm
  • Gas diffuser Ø 14.5 mm; 12.5 mm
  • Contact tip M7 x 30 mm; Ø 1.2 mm and contact tip holder M7 x 31.5 mm
  • Worn o-rings have a negative impact on the welding torch cooling. Insufficient cooling causes damage to the welding torch. Check and if necessary grease or replace all o-rings when converting the welding torch! Please note spare parts list in the “Push/pull welding torches” chapter.
  • Steel liner red; Ø 2 mm x 4.6 mm
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Duty cycle CO2 330 A / 100 %
Duty cycle M21 290 A / 100 %
Duty cycle M21 pulse 250 A / 100 %
Wire Ø 0.8 mm – 1.2 mm
Connection poles Euro torch connector
Connection Euro torch connector
Thread, contact tip M7
Hose package length 3 m
Bend angle torch neck 45 °