OXY EVO Oxygen Analyser incl. accessories

  • Simple menu navigation
  • For inert gases and mixed gases containing hydrogen
  • Measuring cell made of zirconium oxide (maintenance-free)
  • 3.5“colour touch panel
  • USB interface for storing documentation
  • Digital and analogue interface as well as Bluetooth for communication with our controllers and other PLC´s
  • Activation and reporting through the analyser and the digital interface
  • User adjustable alarm limits and thresholds
  • Audible key tones and alarms
  • Colour display for figures outside setpoint values
  • Multirange 90 – 260 V

Package includes:

  • Oxygen analyser
  • Power cable
  • Hose set, 3m incl. filter and stainless-steel probe
  • Calibration certificate (oxygen analyser)
  • Plastic case

Technical Data:

Measuring range: 5 ppm – 21% O2
Ambient temperature: 0–45° Celsius
Measuring accuracy: +/- 0.3 mV (EMK Sensor)
Heat-up time: 3-5 min
Response time: approx. 2 seconds for changes
Dimensions (L x W x H) 180mm x 210mm x 85mm without handle
Main voltage Multirange 100-240V AC
Heating cycle load approx. 40VA
Standard load approx. 20VA
Weight 2.1kg