PM 401 G TT M9 3 m

  • Gas-cooled MIG/MAG welding torch, torch trigger on top
  • Fits all welding machines with a Euro torch connector
  • Secure hold thanks to rubber inserts in the grip
  • The flexible ball joint makes it comfortable to work, even for positional welding
  • The torch trigger protection prevents the arc being ignited unintentionally
  • Equipment as supplied (steel wire Ø 1.2 mm):
  • Gas nozzle Ø 17 mm; 66 mm
  • Gas diffuser Ø 20 mm; 21.5 mm
  • Contact tip M9 x 35 mm; Ø 1.2 mm and contact tip holderM9 x 35 mm
  • Steel liner red; Ø 2 mm x 4.6 mm