• Drive unit including hose package, with Powercontrol 2 (PC2)
  • Torch necks with various bend angles may be ordered separately
  • Wire feed roller may be ordered separately
  • Display and set the wire feed speed and voltage correction or optionally select programs and JOBs
  • The push/pull torch body PP MTCW can be equipped with the torch necks TN MT301CW or TN MT451CW
  • Pistol grip can be mounted without conversion
  • Self-inching
  • Colour-marked wire feed rollers
  • Plug&play with EWM machines
  • Recommendation:
  • For feeding steel wires, we recommend using a steel liner with a capillary tube
  • For feeding CrNi, aluminium, flux-cored and CuSi wires, we recommend a PA combined liner with a guide tube (alternatively you can use a Teflon or carbon Teflon liner)
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Connection poles Euro torch connector, 19-pole
Connection Euro torch connector
Hose package length 6 m