RC XQ Expert 2.0 2 m

  • Expert 2.0 remote control
  • Welding current (amp), arc correction (volt) and arc dynamics (soft/hard) directly adjustable using two rotary knobs
  • With pre-fitted connection cable
  • Expert 2.0 control with intuitive user guidance via LCD panel and plain text display of all welding parameters and functions
  • Simple JOB selection (welding procedure, material, gas, wire dia.) using click wheel
  • Easy switching of welding procedures at the press of a button, e.g. from forceArc/forceArc puls to rootArc/rootArc puls or standard/pulse
  • Setting of all parameters in program sequence
  • Special non-latched and special latched with adjustable start and end crater program
  • Administration of access rights for different control operating levels using the Xbutton
  • 16 individually configurable programmes for each welding task (JOB)
  • Spot welding/tack function (spotArc/spotmatic)
  • Save electricity through standby function