• Spare parts starter kit for service technicians for maintenance and repairs to EWM machines and EWM torches
  • Covers machine, torch and automation
  • Machine spare parts: Casing screws, spacers, gas valves, ring screws, rotary knobs, tank caps, filter sieves, connecting pieces, couplings, safety fuses, push-buttons, switches, connection sockets, contact pins, protective dust caps, caps for openings in casings, jumpers, plug connectors, protective caps, strain reliefs
  • Torch spare parts: Microswitches, push-button springs, cable lugs, single-ear clamps, control cable plugs and contacts, connecting nipples, screws, cylindrical pins
  • Approx. 2000 items total
  • The assortment boxes can be ordered separately and the contents may be ordered in packing units (see spare parts catalogue)