Set Degauss 600

  • Degaussing machine for degaussing of pipes and metal sheets
  • Automatic degaussing process before welding:
  • Dependable degaussing for better welding results through stable welding process without magnetic deflection, minimisation of finishing work
  • activgauss (10–250 A) – degaussing during welding:
  • Avoids moving up of magnetic field during the welding process in case of very long and strongly magnetised components
  • Portable and robust
  • Instant connection to the pipe by means of three load cables
  • Used at -25 °C to +40 °C
  • Set: Degauss 600 degaussing machine, two 5-metre, 35 mm² load cables, one 20-metre, 35 mm² load cable, RT DGS1 remote control and 5-m connection cable
  • Advantages of degaussing:
  • No deflection of the arc by residual magnetism in the workpiece
  • Prevention of lack of fusion due to insufficient sidewall fusion
  • Minimisation of finishing work
  • Cost-efficient and high-quality results