TIG-SR 20 GRIP Little WD U/D HFL 8P 4m

  • Water-cooled TIG welding torch with a highly flexible hose package (high-flex leather)
  • Especially compact GRIP grip, perfectly suitable for welding tasks that are difficult to access
  • Compatible with SR replacement parts
  • Setting of welding current, in case of Synergic control, JOB switching is also possible
  • Suitable for machines from the Tetrix-DC and AC/DC series as well as Picotig 200 AC/DC
  • 8-pole connection socket required on machine side
  • Excellent HF safety
  • Equipment as delivered:
  • Collet body: Ø 2.4 mm
  • Gas nozzle: Ø 11 mm, size 7
  • Tungsten electrode E3 (purple): Ø 2.4 mm
  • Back cap “medium”
Duty cycle DC- 240 A / 100 %
Duty cycle AC 170 A / 100 %
Electrode Ø 0.5 mm – 3.2 mm
Connection poles Burndy, 8-pole
Torch connection Decentral 35 mm² (pin Ø 13 mm²)
Control cable connection Burndy, 8-pole
Hose package length 4 m