tigSpeed oscillation drive 45 hotwire

  • TIG cold wire and hot wire welding with dynamic wire feed system
  • Dynamic wire feeding for a controllable weld pool even with positional welding: The wire feeding is superimposed using a forward and backward movement
  • Up to 100 % faster welding speeds compared to TIG welding
  • Up to 60% improvement in deposition rate
  • Dilution reduced by up to 60%
  • High process reliability, reproducible welding results and straightforward handling
  • Heat supply to the wire for improved deposition rate and an even lower risk of weld errors
  • Perfect weld appearance, no weld spatters
  • 4-roll drive. Equipped for 1.0 mm + 1.2 mm steel wires
  • Can be used with any TIG welding machine
  • Workpiece lead to connect the hot wire current is included in the supply package
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