TN MT451CW 0°

  • Best ignition characteristics even with thin wires
  • Torch neck for replaceable neck and push/pull welding torches
  • Supplied without consumables – these must be ordered separately.
  • Recommendation:
  • For feeding steel wires, we recommend using a steel liner with a capillary tube
  • For feeding CrNi, aluminium, flux-cored and CuSi wires, we recommend a PA combined liner with a guide tube (alternatively you can use a Teflon or carbon Teflon liner)
  • Worn o-rings have a negative impact on the welding torch cooling. Insufficient cooling causes damage to the welding torch. Check and if necessary grease or replace all o-rings when converting the welding torch! Please note spare parts list in the “Push/pull welding torches” chapter.
Bend angle torch neck 36 °