Welbee A350P

Welbee Inverter A350P

Digital Inverter Control Type

Pulse TIG pulse TIG welding machine

Extensive support for various applications ranging from ultrathin plate to thick plate!

Pulse TIG welding machine for high efficiency and high quality



  • High quality welding of ultrathin plates
  • High efficiency utilization of thick plates is supported
  • Automatic setting of welding conditions with “welding setting guide” function
  • Compatible with Fieldbus Interface

Improve convenience when connecting an automatic machine


Welding power supply WB-A350P
Rated input three phase 380/400V
Rated output 350A
Output adjustment range AC5~350A / DC2~350A
Rated utilization rate 40%
Mass (dimensions) 56kg(395×710×640mm)
Welding torches AWD-17、AWD-26、AWD-18
Base metal side power cable BKPDT-3803
Gas hose BKGFF-0603
Water hose (for tap water) BBDW-3001
Water hose (for water tank) BBPU-3002
Gas flow rate regulator V-F22AR