XD-350SII / XD-500SII

Dyna Auto XD 350 II · 500 II

Microcomputer thyristor control type
CO2 / MAG automatic welding machine
Excellent workability & boasts robustness
Ultimate new basic model



Microcomputer · thyristor controlled type CO 2 / MAG automatic welding machine

XD350 II
● Improved startability with high performance microcomputer
● Improved workability by unifying control cables
● Improved durability and robustness
Simple drip-proof seat on the front as standard, protecting panel parts from sudden rain during dust and outdoor storage!
● Consideration for the environment “Power saving circuit” “Fan stop function” “Gas saving function”

XD 500 I II
– New high performance microcomputer is installed, the welding mode expansion and startability improvement are realized by the processing speed and the memory capacity up as much as the digital inverter welding machine!
● Resistant to input voltage / frequency fluctuations, always ensuring stable welding quality!
By installing “Brake Unit” sold separately on the feeder, it is possible to suppress the feed of wire at the end of the welding as much as possible! Effective for tack welding at extension!
● Improved robustness and maintenance system, such as standard equipped with a simple drip-proof sheet that protects panel operation parts!


Welding power supply CPXD-350 CPXD-500
Rated input 3Phase 380/400V 3Phase 380/400V
Rated output 350A/36V 500A/45V
Output adjustment range 50~350A/15~36V 50~500A/15~45V
Rated usage rate 50% 60%
Mass (dimension) 103kg(372×690×659mm) 164kg(454×701×859mm)
Wire feeder CM-2302 CM-2302
Welding Torch BT3500-30、BT3510-30 BT5000-30
Gas Flow Regulator CO2:NP-201/MAG:D-BHN-2 FCR-226(With heater)