Best overall performance in the industry realized
Versatile 6-axis robot

· Many cables and air hoses are built – in, and assorted advanced tools are accommodated.
· Corresponds to IP54 and is dust-proof and rainproof.
· Payload upped 1.3 times to 8kg. Diverse sensors can be installed and it accommodates AI.
· Speed of all axes upped (maximum 15%). Highest speed specs in the industry realized with shorter tact time.
· 5% slimmer lower arm realized. Accommodates high density installations.
· Weight reduction 3% to140kg realized.
· With suspension or wall mount systems, equipment installation cost is reduced.
· All the cables except the conduit and one wire power cable are built into the arm. It’s ideal for high end welding such as Synchro-feed.
· The cable behind the arm is gone decreasing interference. The back interference area is reduced about 30%. The spacing between robots is reduced about 20% enabling high density installations. Contributes to reducing line length.

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