LP series LP130/180

4-Axis Palletizing Robot

4-Axis Palletizing Robot is flexible and agile. Can easily lift different shapes and sizez with multi-functional options.

High-speed palletizing

  • 1,500 packages per hour for 130kg loads (LP130)
    1,800 packages per hour for 60kg loads (LP130)
  • Flexible system setup is available with 130kg or 180kg capacity models.

Handle a variety of loads

  • Easily lift different shapes and sizes.
  • Optional palletizing hands available to carry loads that are small or large.

Compact Layout

  • Compact design reduces interference within a large operating range so work area layouts can be flexible and compact.

Easy Operation

  • Teaching operations are easy for novices to understand.
  • Interactive instructions are possible.
  • Automatic program generator.


  • FD11
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