FIM1-4 Set

  • Magnetic field meter for measuring magnetic direct and alternating fields
  • Three possible measuring ranges: 20 mT, 200 mT and 2000 mT
  • Hand-held unit for operation with mains, battery or power-pack
  • LCD digital display
  • Measuring accuracy: ±2% of measured value ±1 digit using internal calibration voltage, better than ±1% of measured value ±1 digit using calibrated comparison magnet
  • Resolution: 0.01 mT
  • Output: ±199.9 mV analogue output corresponding to 1,999 digits, connection for analogue display, X-Y plotter and A-D converter
  • Operating time: about 100 hours with dry-cell battery, about 50 hours with power-pack charge (power pack not included