FCW Hard 60 GR 15kg/Spule 1,6mm

  • Flux cored wire with a high C or Cr content
  • Especially suitable for build-up on workpieces subject to heavy wear caused by mineral substances
  • Suitable for use in wet areas
Standards DIN EN 14700 , T Fe 14
DIN 8555 , MF10-GF-60-GR
Welding positions PA / PB / PC
Polarity DC+
Wire Ø 1.6 mm
Chemical analysis
C Si Cr
5% 1.5% 32%
Shielding gas I1 , M13
Packing drum Spool BS 300, 15 kg
Hardness 60 HRC
Fields of application Agriculture, gravel excavators, pump parts, mixer blades, agitator arms, concrete pumps, screw conveyors.
Processing information Max. deposition thickness: 8 mm, best results for two-layer welds, not recommended for impact and shock stress
U 20 V – 26 V